How to earn $10 to $ 50 by 1 click on Google Adsense – Secret Tips

To earn $10 to $ 50 by 1 click on Google Adsense its strange. But this is not impossible. You can also do this. But for this you need some important Information. So let’s talk about this what you have to for this.

“How do you earn a lot from adsense can you tell the reason behind” This question was asked by one of my friend. I will give you the one simple answer if you use high cpc keywords so than you can earn good from adsense. And most important think you should have complete information about the Adsense.

In world there are two ways one is that who does the hard work and other is that who does the  hard work with the Smart work. In these who do the hard work with the smart work are always the beyond.

Actually the success comes to those who work by there own way and do the work better than others.

The blogger or website owner wants the best ranking position. For this he does the hard work 24 hours for this he shares the original content or rights the unique article to try impress the visitors. Here is talent show how much the people like him.

The person who does this much hard work deserves his compensation/benefit of this work done.  That is he should get full money for his work. In this case if he is a Blogger adsense user the big problem is the Low CPC.

For this reason so people has o even let the blogging. This happens mostly with the hindi bloggers, and when I came to know about such bloggers I get hurt. That is why I am writing this article today for those adsense users which are upset with the low CPC.

In India Google Adsense  pay per click $0.5 to $0.20. This think in India you will not find with one website or blog but with the many bloggers or websites.But in India there is no problem without solution. This also have solution I will give you the guarantee. In India you can earn $ 10 to $ 50 per click. But for this you have to take care of some important things. Now it depends on you how much percent success will you get.

Lets come on to our topic that how could we earn $10, $20, $30, or $50 only on one click.

How to earn $10 to $ 50 on Google adsense on 1 click – Earn Money from Google Adsense.

I will tell you the simple think everybody know that it’s important to get traffic from the organic traffic that is traffic from the search engine is very important. And also you know that for search engine traffic you need to have SEO that is search engine optimization is important.

 To earn $10 to $ 50 on Google adsense you have to focus on the main thinks.

1. Long Tail keywords

2. Organic Traffic

3. Google Adsense Terms (Full Guidelines)

You to be expert in these three things. If you have right information about these or you can handle them than you can earn by 1 click on Adsense $50 to even $ 70

1. Long tail keywords:

Long Tail key words is the important matter  to earn from the Google Adsence. I have observed that if you have the right keywords with the website than it will help you to ranking your website at the high and Google will give the advertisements related to it which will give you the more benefits. For Adsence CPC long Tail keywords is more better.

For your blog to research long tail keywords you can search  use your keywords reaseach by online tools For example Google adwords keywords planner, SeMrush, HitTail and other.

 I will suggest you to use SeMrush or HitTail tools . Because this shows better performace report tha the others. In the same way Google keywords planner  tool  is the best. In thes e tools you can check any keywords CPC.

Hittail tools calculates you analysis report suggest you the long tail keywords.  In which your content quality is better.

If you want to know about my choice I will suggest you the SEMrush tool.

Use SEMRUSH to find profitable Adsence keywords:

SEMRUSH is the best marketing tool for the search of keywords. This time I am not its member so I cannot guide you here perfectly. But I can tell that whatever you you need can get in this tool. Here for us the important is how to search on on SEMRUSH tool the keywords from the high CPC of the Google Adsense.

It is very simple if you have the premium of the SEMRUSH tool than you can easily you can get information about the keywords CPC.

Go to Serums tools log in keyword search than click on organic search.  You will get the list of keywords and click on the list of keywords. Now driving traffic is present in the warrior Forum you can see cap of all the keywords.

Now, you can copy all the keywords with the high CPC which you need and copy in your blog content. By this way you can search keywords and change search high CPC and make long tail keywords list.

Or you can search on any tool of your choice long tail keywords.

2. Organic Traffic:

You must be thinking what is the contact of organic traffic with the Absence CPC. Actually the visitors coming from the search engine are the new websites and when they visit your site and click on your advertisements they have the full interest in your site. And Absence likes these visitors the most… Examples I have make $16 from 1 click and I am from India and my blogger is in Hindi.

Suppose, your sit there are 10,000 page views per day and you get 5000 from the search engine.  To as per my view you will earn $50 to$ 100 easily.

Or if on your site there are 10,000 page views daily and from search engine you will get 2000 maximum traffic then you can get difficulty earn $30 – $40.

For getting organic traffic its important you should be having the information about the SEO. If you know how to do SEO than easily you can handle traffic from the search engine.

3. Google Adsense Terms:

Follow Adsense Terms and Conditions:

To earn on Google Adsense the first important secret is don’t cross or don’t try to break the policy. Follow the rules in an appropriate manner. Here I am telling you the some reasons.

Some new bogger are the Adsense approved and use in your bog use more than 3 ad units. In there site ads are shown but CPC are down.  I am sure they get per click $0.02 to $0.05 . Trust me if your are doing this then to make your CPC normal it will take a lot of time.

I will not make you to do but try to follow once the Adsence policy. I will give you guarantee you will get 100% changes in your  earnings.

To follow the adsense policy does not mean use only 3 ad units on your site and that is enough. The Google Adsense rules are very difficult special for the Indian blogger its is very difficult . So try to follow all the steps of the Google adsense.

There  are changes In every week and even every month in the Google Adsense so you have to remain up to date which is important. Its important you should know how to earn from the Google Adsense, how adsense pay or from which type of ads we get more earnings.

Finally, you get know about all the three steps. So these tips I use on my blog.  So now you can decided what you want to do in the future ad how to handle the adsence.  So in comments what are you going do in the future and tell me what are the changes that you are making in your blog to make the better changes. If you like the tips give in this post than don’t forget to share this post on the social media with your friends.

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