In this topic we are telling you how many solar panels are required for charging a battery.

If you have one or two batteries you will able to know that how much solar panels you needed.You can also know how to save your electricity bill.
1-How much ampere current should be needed to charge a battery
A 12V battery consists 150Ah so it needs 15 Amp current.1/10 Amp current of Ah of a battery is needed to charge that battery.
For example
150Ah =15Amp
300Ah =30Amp
450Ah =45Amp

How much ampere current does a solar panel produce.

We should also know that how much current produce by a solar panel consist of Watt.
A 100W solar panel gives 5 ampere current.

So we need 100W solar panel.If you need 30 ampere current,you must have 600W solar panel.

100 polycrystalline photovoltaic solar panel

Part# Sol-100P-01
*Maximum power (pmax)-100watt
*Open circuit voltage (Voc)- 21.60 volt
*Short circuit current (Isc) – 6.32 Amp
*Max Power voltage (Vpm) – 17.40 Volts
*Max Power current (Imp) – 5.75 Amps
*Max system voltage – 1000 VDC ( 600 VDC UL)

W solar panel=Amp. Current

  • 100W = 5 Amp
  • 200W = 10 Amp
  • 600W = 30 Amp
    If you think that you charge your inverter with 600W solar panel than you are wrong because at the same time other appliances also in working….like fan , lights, refrigerator,etc .

In this way you have to calculate all load of your home then use solar panel according to that load.

Load of other home devices……

  • 1 ceiling fan = 70W
  • 2 ceiling fan = 140W
  • 1 tube light = 20W
  • 2 tube lights = 40W
  • 3 tube lights = 60W
    So you will add as many instruments as you run Like you are here have
    2 Ceiling Fan = 140 W + 3 Tube Light = 60 W + Inverter + Battery = 600W and then your total Load = 600 W + 140 W + 60 W = 800 W

So if your home load is 800W , current are protected by wires .It is also called as line Lance. So for this reason you need a solar panel to be used for this if the load of your home is 800W you can also charge your battery of inverted along with the home load from 1 KW solar panel.
Precautions when buying a solar panel

When you buy a solar panel, you need to know that this solar panel is for single battery or for double battery because single battery allows 12 volts whereas Double battery allows 24 Volts currents .If you buy two batteries of 150 Ah you have 24 Voltage currents are thus you buy the solar panel in view of the 24 volts.

If you buy one battery of 150Ah you have 12 voltage current .Thus you buy the solar panel in view of 12 volts so that current can’t be loss.
In this post you have been informed about the 150 watt solar panel charging capacity , solar charge Controller , solar panel adding method, 500w solar panel price, Solar battery ,40Ah Solar battery price . How to calculate solar panel batteries and inverters. If you have any question to ask , comment us below for suggestions.

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