IMPORTANT If you are a student of electrical engineering or wants to need information related to electrical engineering, then first you have to know the various components and essential equipments of electric.Without knowing all this you won’t be able to make any circuit.


There’s need of many components for making a circuit and it’s depends upon the type of circuit you want to be made for example resistance, capacitor, LED, transistor etc .
In this topic you are given knowledge about various components , equipments of electronics.


Electronic components are divided into three main parts ….
1- active electronic components
2- passive electronic components
3- electromechinal components

Through this topic we are telling you about each component one by one so that you gain more knowledge and understand the each component.


Integrated circuit is a single device or a chip which is made up of semiconductor material ,mostly silicon is used . Integrated circuit is used in almost all electronic devices like TV , radio , mobile phone , laptop etc.
Integrated circuit further divided into two groups…
1- analog integrated circuit
2- Digital integrated circuit
Further more information also given below in the link.


In recent times microcontroller was a small computer which was made of integrated circuit.It was comprised of RAM,CPU, INPUT/OUTPUT etc .All these are programmable components which were used in small computers for use in recent times.


It is a electrical component like diode , capacitor etc.It is used to control the flow of current in the circuit. Resistor are of many types but mainly they are divided into two parts-
1- Fixed resistor
2- Variable resistor
Further information are given below in the link.

What is resistor and how many types it have?

Diode is a non linear semiconductor device which flows the current in one direction.It has two terminals called anode and cathode .Its electronic symbol is given below…

A normal PN diode is used to transfer AC supply to DC circuit and you heard well about LED light emitting diode which is a semiconductor device which emits light after activation.

ZENER DIODE is Just like a normal diode but work as a voltage stabilizer.Further details about diode are given below in link in separate topic.


Capicitor is an electronic component that is used in almost in all circuits, such as radio ,television,etc.Cappacitors can store electric charge. Capacitors two conductors are commonly made of two plates and between these two plates, the dye electric material is planted so that it becomes detached. When the capacitors are added to a power source, it stores the electric charge. And both the plates in it are used to store charging .One have a positive charge on a plate and negative charge on another.
More information about this is given in one of our posts whose link is given below.
The Amount of electric charge charged inside the capacitors at 1 volt is called capacitance. The unit of measuring capecites is Farad (F). The number of plates inside the capacitors can also be increased to capacitance.


Same as capacitor saved electric field in the form of energy , inductors stores the magnetic field in the form of energy . Inductor is a wire but in form of coil.It is used in AC circuits like filter, chokes, tuned circuit etc.


Switches are used to on and off the circuit.Switches are of many types .Some are analog and some are digital.In our houses normal switches are used.


DC power supply is very essential part in the circuit.Most of the electronic components run on the DC power supply so that it is very important .There are many electric sources for DC supply like AC to DC power supplies, linear regulators, switching mode power supply etc.
In electric circuit 5V to 12V DC power supply is used because every component used such DC power supply.


The battery is a device that turns chemical energy into electrical energy and the battery is used in mobile phone, laptop ,clock etc. Moreover, it is also used in many testing equipment. You are often seen in watches, we use cell that supply 1.5 V and the same two cells of 3V we use in the TV remote.

The batteries are divided into different categories depending on their voltage as you can see in the photo above here we see three types of batteries, one is 9V , second is 1.5 V and third is 12V. They are used on the bases of their voltage.


As we know display plays an important role in all electric equipment .Two main display which are used are
1- 16*2 LCD
2- 7-segment display
You can see this type of display in watches, information systems. this type of display is used where we needed digits numbers or alphabets.

Earlier Voltage, current and resistance are measured by voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter but now a days all these three include in one and named as multimeter.In multimeter voltage, current, resistance can be easily measured.
Besides this many other advanced multimeter came in in which we can also check transistor.

Multimeter can measure both AC and DC supply and there are two types of multimeter today digital and analog but in today’s time the digital multimeter is used very much as it can measure any component very well. There are also many more electronic component but what is important and most used is that component we have told you here. Here you know about Resistor, capacitor, microcontroller, inductor, transformer, Battery, Fuse, diode/ Besides the LED (Light Emitting diode), transistors, integrated circuit, switches, circuit breakers if you want to know more about component, ask by commenting below.

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