PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 has started. Pabji Mobile also hosted the tournament in India last year which was quite successful.
PUBG is once again in discussion. The news is that PUBG Mobile is going to have an e-sports tournament once again in India. In the tournament ‘ Campus Championship ‘ conducted by PUBG Mobile last year, the players took part.The tournament held last year was limited to only college and university students, but almost everyone can take part in the tournaments to be held this year. PUBG Mobile has announced the tournament for the year 2019 and the registration has begin to take part in it. The registration process will run until January 23. No registration fee is being charged for participation in the tournament, but it must be at level 20 to qualify the players who take part. The winning tournament will be given a reward of Rs 1 crore.

Amazon CEO Jeff PUBG will take his wife Mackenzie to participate in divorce tournaments. Players have to register by visiting the page in the Mobile India series. Here players will receive a squad ID through which they can connect with a team or invite other players to build their team. Players in tournaments must clear two qualifying rounds before they play final. All games will be held in Asia server region.

The first qualifying rounds of the game will be held between 21 to 27 January in which players must play 15 classic rounds with their team in the Eragel map. After that the second round will be held between February 16 to 19 in which 400 sakwads of the top of the first round will be dealt in 20 different slots that fight the other top four squad to reach the third round. The third round will be held between 21 to 24 February in which 80 squad will be divided into a group of 20 squad. The finals of this tournament will be held in March will be competition among the top 20 teams for the Chicken dinner.

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